Next stop…. Harrogate


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imageedit_1_9483120169My quest for finding everything great for a green and eco date will shortly ‎see me making a trip up north to the picturesque town of Harrogate for the Green Party Conference. With its nearby neighbour the Yorkshire Dales.

I’ll be on the look out for the best spots I can find for cupid to boundly come running.

Tweet me any suggestions ‎you have for me to visit during my stay. I will report back soon.

Until then, let love bloom! Bon voyage!

Nigel x


What makes a great green date?

green dating

Here’s some questions for you: What makes a green date? What makes a great date? And what makes a great green date? To us at Nigel’s Eco Dating they go hand in hand, and the good news is that we are here to help.

Yep, I’m here to unearth the key elements of a great green date. So throw off the bowlines, anchors aweigh, and set sail.

What is a great green date and how can you best go about putting one together

First, the company you keep

Fairly obviously, a date is only as good as the company. This is pretty much the cornerstone of any great date. This is the most difficult item to get right, especially at a first attempt and is no doubt what keeps perennial daters out there. However there are number of things you can do to be as confident as you can

  1. Use a more specialised dating provider (we think Nigel’s Eco Dating naturally, but we might be biased!) When it comes to finding people who share some of your core values, this can take a lot of the leg work out for you.
  2. Get to know the person as well as you can beforehand, safely online. This will give you some common ground and establish common areas of interest that will help the conversation flow on a first date.

Next, what to do? Activity speaking.

While wining and dining has its place (particularly when that place is a restaurant of delicious Vegan‎ persuasion, like this one in Brighton) I prefer to get out and about and do something I am genuinely excited by myself.

After all, that’s what I’ll be wanting anyone I meet to do also: to show me their interests.

Whether it’s taking the train to somewhere new (more feasible on a weekend), or going bowling (haven’t done that for years!) I’d rather take a chance, break out from the usual watering holes (for a moment anyway) and find someone who is equally as game.

Suffice to say, some of the best dates that I’ve had were some of the worst dates‎. Sounds odd, but stay with me. When you can’t stop laughing at how terrible an idea for a date was and both of you are equally able to laugh at themselves, this can really break the ice and break down barriers

I say go bold, be brave‎.

Outdoors or In

This time of year, truly outdoor-related green date options are a bit more restricted, but in the Month of cupid, those who brave the outdoors are more likely to find a mug of something warm in a pub a much richer reward, than if ‎you had been there all the while.

‎Where I live on the south coast, a wander along the promenade mixed into the evening is good now as at anytime of year.

Here’s 14 Ideas for a Top Green Date

  1. Take your date on a picnic
  2. Take the train somewhere picturesque and walk to the next station (public transport can be an aphrodisiac you know! )
  3. Go for a cycle ride
  4. Visit an organic garden
  5. Go foraging
  6. Support a local business
  7. If you’re in London, visit a Planet Organic or elsewhere, check out a Wholefoods store
  8. Go to a park
  9. Go on a recycling mission
  10. Choose a green restaurant that only serves locally sourced food
  11. Make a green impression – with the clothes you wear, the chocolates you give (fair trade and organic only obvs)
  12. Eat local
  13. Date local
  14. Volunteer together


If you have some ideas for a green date, or know green restaurants, venues or places of interest that we can check out, let us know in the comments below! 


Welcome to Nigel’s Eco Dating

imageedit_1_9483120169A very big Nigel’s Eco Dating welcome to everyone. Here you can follow me on my quest across the land to find the best ingredients for that magical dating experience and much more besides.

I’ll be providing food for thought, and seeds of inspiration for daters across the country wanting to give their love life a fresh, and green, lease of life.

Coming soon to a town new you!

Nigel x